Alan Turing, aged 16

The Boxers, 1818, by Théodore Gericault, Metropolitan Museum of Art

a true story of positive conflict, delayed

Circus performers executing their art, circa 1890, Library of Congress

innovation is not driven by invention

a chart showing two crossing curves vs time: exponentially decaying influence over outcomes, exponentially rising costs
why you need to fix your sh*% now

SpaceX Jason 3, CC license, SpaceX Photos

a proposal for the creation of a locally-issued, UBI-supporting currency to build a more robust and humane economy

Local currencies from the past and the symbol of the Local UBI Dollar


A video deepfake substituting the face of Nicolas Cage on the face of Amy Adams (image: wikimedia)


Second in the “Managing Innovation” essay series

Richard W. DeVaul

Founder, mad scientist, moonshot launcher. Writes on innovation, entrepreneurship, and social/queer issues. ex-CTO of Google X. @rdevaul on twitter

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